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Protection systems to be ready to comply with the new safety protocols for the workplace.

In a health emergency context, the use of protective devices that can guarantee isolation from the risks of infection has become an essential element in order to be able to work safely. The dividing panels can be easily positioned in open space offices, shops, supermarkets, public counters, reception desks, health facilities, associations and in any place where physical interaction with the user is foreseen. Screen protection is a tool to limit the spread of the Covid19 virus in this moment of maximum criticality, but it will be an essential endowment to be adopted in anticipation of the recovery of all economic activities.

Why choose polycarbonate?

  • Protection from droplet propagation
  • Transparent to communicate easily with the interlocutor
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Easily to use Ability to customize the shape and size of the partitions
  • Shock resistant
  • Easy to clean and sanitize surface
Dott. Gallina has adapted the production capacity to contribute to the management of the ongoing health emergency, intensified the extrusion of the compact sheets to meet the growing need for transparent materials to be used as protection screens for civil and sanitary use. Polycarbonate has been used for some time in the construction sector, however a conversion of use is underway which provides for the choice of this material as a suitable support to limit the spread of contagion, in fact transparent barriers are becoming a fundamental device for preserving the safety of workers and to ensure the operation of essential services. By implementing the measures envisaged to ensure the suitable working conditions of the production environments and by adopting the smart-work mode, the company is committed to making the production and delivery of the sheets as efficient as possible, compatibly with the provisions in place. Obviously all this is achievable thanks to the collaboration of employees of all company areas.